Find out about the services available from Point Planning and Building - Architect Services in Shropshire, North Wales, Cheshire and Liverpool. Including building surveys, full design service, planning permission, building regulation approval, 3D Drawings and sunlight studies.

Architectural Services
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Samples of work available include Planning Documents, Building Regs and 3D Drawings.

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Planning and Building Services

We pride ourselves on our level of service, providing hard copies and electronic copies of work via email or electronic media of your choice. We aim to keep in contact with clients at all times - keeping you up to date with the progress of your project.

Surveys - buildings and site levels

We provide a very accurate and detailed surveying service, catering for buildings of any shape or size. We use specialized equipment to ensure a quick and accurate survey.

Full Design Service

We look at all aspects of the design in our projects taking into consideration the surrounding landscape and architecture, ensuring we meet all the needs of the client.

We also design our projects around the practicality of the build, taking into consideration costs and materials.

Planning Permission

We work closely and liaise with planners to ensure we are granted planning permission on all our projects.

Building Regulations

We work with local authority building control and private companies to pass our building regulations, working closely with them and the client ensuring all aspects of the build are productive, efficient and cost effective.

3D Drawings and Sunlight Studies

We also provide 3D drawings of the proposed design if required, as this often helps with the planning process. We can also provide a sunlight study illustrating how sunlight will impact on the design throughout the year at varying times of day.